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mazda-car-partsMazda Motor Corporation. also simply known as Mazda, is the Japanese automobile manufacturer based in Fuchu, Aki District, Japan. The name Mazda is derived from the words “Ahura Mazda” which means “god of light, wisdom and intelligence”. According to the official company website, the name also derives from the actual name of the founder of the company, “Jujiro Matsuda”. Mazda is the 15th biggest automobile manufacturer by production, worldwide.

Just like various other automobile manufacturers, Mazda is involved in sporting activities and it was a sponsor of Fiorentina football club (an Italian football club in Serie A). The company also sponsors numerous other sporting events including marathons and relay races in Japan, along with many other charity and sporting endeavors.

Recent Developments; In the year 2015, Mazda launched a brand new campaign under a brand new tagline “Driving Matters”, which conceded with the unveiling of a newly redesigned MX-5.


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