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Searching for and finding the correct car parts in Ireland can take time and effort requiring you to call around various car parts suppliers and car dismantlers. Let us do the work for you. Simply fill in the parts request form below and we will send out the enquiry to dozens of car breakers, car parts suppliers and dismantlers throughout Ireland.  Let us find a part for you. PROVIDING THE VEHICLE REGISTRATION HELPS SUPPLIERS SOURCE YOUR PART MORE QUICKLY AND ACCURATELY.

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Car Parts Ireland Buying Guide

All vehicles will have some sort of failure after a certain amount of mileage and time. The mechanical parts have a limited lifespan and will wear out eventually regardless of how the vehicle is cared for or driven. When it comes time to replace the component that has failed you have the option of buying a brand new replacement or going for a second hand part. Buying new can be expensive, especially if it is from the original equipment manufacturer where the prices can be inflated compared to the used parts market.

Should You Buy Second Hand Car Parts in Ireland?

If buying new is out of your budget you may have no option but to buy from a car dismantler, used car parts supplier or vehicle breaker. Budget may not be the only deciding factor. If you can get access to a low mileage replacement in good condition it may serve you just as well as an OEM part. If the car you own is not a modern version of the model the manufacturer may no longer supply parts to fit it which forces you into the second hand option. There are some things to know before going out and trying to source used parts.

Every car part is different so it is essential you have the relevant information at hand when buying a replacement. The part number along with the year, make and model of the vehicle would be minimum requirements to know. A lot of the replacements may be similar but not quite an exact match. This will lead to problems when it comes time to fit it. If you are doing the fitting yourself then you may waste time removing other components of the vehicle in order to get access to the replacement area only to find out it is not a suitable fit. You will be back to square one and will be required to source the item all over again. If you supply the wrong part to a garage you will be paying for wasted hours when you realise it is not suitable for your vehicle.

The second hands parts market in Ireland is a massive industry which acts as a lifeline to both consumers and the motor trade who are sourcing difficult to find items or parts that are too expensive to buy new. Parts like tow bars and reconditioned engines are very popular items that are bought used.

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

Locate your VIN number as it is a reference to use for your vehicle to help you get the right parts. The Vehicle Identification number can be located on the title document of the car, a vehicle history report or sometimes on it can be found on your insurance documents.

Part Number

There are many similar parts so having a car part number will make life easier for both you and the person you are buying from. Most of the time the number can be found on the part itself. It may be difficult to see if it is worn or dirty. The original equipment manufacturer may be able to supply you with the information if you are having difficulty locating it. Although the like of some BMW parts can be used on other vehicles it is best to check the part number with your supplier.

Visual Comparison

Visually comparing the replacement with the old one is a good way to gauge if you have chosen the correct option. If you are contacting a car breaker in Ireland or a supplier of used car parts it is a good idea to send them a photo of the old part. Most of them have years of experience and can identify the right part by sight alone. dpfireland.ie allow you to send them a photo of your part beforehand to ensure they know the part is the correct one you are discussing.


You may have chosen to buy used to save some money but that does not mean you should not expect your used part to function properly. Most reputable car dismantlers in Ireland will provide some sort of guarantee or warranty. The length of cover will depend on both the supplier and the part. If your replacement part is something expensive like an engine you may to ensure you get extended assurance that if it fails you can get your money back. Speak to the suppliers and come to an agreement you are happy with and which is reasonable for both parties.


You now know the part needed, have the VIN number, the part number and have a photo or at least have visually seen the part. Now you need to find the part. You can complete the form at the top of the page with you parts request and we will send it out to dozens of car dismantlers, car breakers and parts suppliers. This will save you from having to contact them individually and will reduce the times it takes for you to get the vehicle part you need.

Car Dismantlers and Car Breakers

Most used car parts are sourced from Car Dismantlers, Car Breakers and 4×4 Breakers. We have most of the major reputable dismantlers from all over Ireland advertising with Carpartfinder.ie. When you you submit a parts request all of the businesses will be notified by email of the part you are looking for. All types of used parts are available from EGR valves, Engines, bumpers, doors and more. If any of them have it in stock they will contact you to discuss price and delivery. 

Some Parts Are Best Bought New

It is advisable to buy new for certain parts of the vehicle. Brakes for example naturally lose their effectiveness and therefore their use over time and should always be bought new. Oil filters also are not a recommended part to buy used. You always want to have good working filters to prevent bigger problems from occurring. Wiper blades are another item best bought as new. Used wiper blades will likely perform poorly which will result in poor visibility .

Hopefully these tips will help you when it comes time to get your next car replacement part. When you are completing the request form above it is best to give as much information as possible to help the suppliers source the most suitable part for your vehicle. Visit our sister website carpartfinderni.com.

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