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Source original Ford spares in Ireland from car dismantlers and parts suppliers. Some of the most common Ford vehicles which people are looking parts for are listed below.

Ford B-Max Parts Ford Capri Parts Ford C-Max Parts
Ford Consul Parts Ford Cortina Parts Ford Cougar Parts
Ford Fiesta Parts Ford Focus Parts Ford Focus C-Max Parts
Ford Fusion Parts Ford Galaxy Parts Ford Granda Parts
Ford Ka Parts Ford Kuga Parts Ford Mondeo Parts
Ford Mustang Parts Ford Puma Parts Ford Sierra Parts
Ford S-Max Parts Ford StreetKa Parts Ford Thunder Parts

You can request any type of part for your vehicle. Below are a few of the most popular requests.

ABS Unit Axle Door
Airbag kit Bonnet DPF Filter
Alloys Catalytic Converter Drive shaft
Alternator Clutch pressure plate ECU
Automatic Transmission Complete Front End electronic throttle body
Engine Headlamp Mirror
Engine oil sump Indicator Switch Parcel Shelf
fuel tank Injector Radiator
Gear Linkage Inlet Manifold Shock
Gearbox Intercooler Steering Rack


ford-car-partsFord Motor Company (which is commonly referred to as Ford), is an American multi national automobile manufacturer which is headquartered in Michigan, Detroit. Ford was founded by the reknown Henry Ford, and it was incorporated on June 16th, 1903. The Ford company is actually the 2nd largest US based automobile manufacturer (only preceded by GM or General Motors). It is the 5th largest automobile manufacturer in the world, according to 2010 vehicle sales. The Ford Company sells a wide range of auto mobiles under Ford marque, and a wide range of luxury vehicles under Lincoln marque.

For over 20 years, Ford has been one of the major sponsors of UEFA Champions League. Ford is also a long time sponsor of Sky media channel coverage of the Premier League football.

Diagnosing Engine Noises
How to Change a Gearbox and a Clutch
How to Fit a Body Kit
How the Exhaust System Works