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towbars-irelandBuying a used tow bar will save you money compared to buying new. As most are made of steel which can stand the test of time it is seen as a good part or accessory to buy used. Even though steel will eventually show signs of rust, it is a durable material that stays in good working order for a relatively long period of time.

Before you buy your tow bar it is important to understand what you will be using it for to ensure you get the correct one for your needs. There are a few questions you should ask yourself and also the person you are buying the tow bar from. Will it be used for towing a caravan, a trailer or something else? What type of connections do you need?

There are also different types which are designed for different purposes. Below are the most common types which are bought and used.

Swan Neck tow Bars

Used extensively all over Europe, the swan neck bar is popular due to its simple but solid design. As the name suggests it is in the shape of a swans neck with a ball at the end and is probably the most commonly bought used tow bar in Ireland. It would be suitable for most vehicle types and is not overly intrusive on the eye, although it can still be notices from the rear.

Flange Tow Bars

Flange tow bars are basically a ball with a bolt and usually come in up to 4 different pieces. It’s popularity has risen in recent times due its flexibility. It can accommodate a variety of accessories like bicycle carriers, stabilizers and attachments for protecting vehicle bumpers. The main difference with the flange tow bar compared to other bars is that it is a permanent fixture on the vehicle. It is usually one of the most cost effective types to buy.

Detachable Tow Bar

The detachable tow bar is similar in appearance to its swan neck counterpart but with the major advantage of being able to detach from the car. Many people do not like having a permanent fixture on the rear of the vehicle and so find the detachable bar a more desirable option. It is considered a better looking design than the swan neck, it is compatible with Alko stabilisers and the overall convenience  is favoured by most. The flexibility comes at a cost as the detachable tow bar is one of the most expensive options.

There are other types of tow bar available - Electric Swiveling Tow Bar, Compact Tow Bar, Pin and the Nut System Tow Bar.

Buying used tow bars in Ireland has become easier in recent years due to the rise of web sites like that connect potential buyers with car dismantlers and car parts suppliers. If you are in need of a used tow bar, simply complete the above parts request form and one of the suppliers will get in contact with you to give you a price on the stock they have that matches your needs.

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