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Many people end up scrapping or selling their car if the engine fails. If the car is very old or is not worth a lot of money then this option may be the right one to take. However, there is a large market for reconditioned engines in Ireland which could help you get your vehicle back on the road. Like any vehicle part there are things to look out for when buying a reconditioned engine.



It is essential to ensure that you acquire the correct part that matches the chassis number of your existing vehicle. There are times when an engine for sale that is not an exact match may work in your vehicle but it may affect the responsiveness of the car when it comes to steering and braking. If gaskets and seals are not an exact fit on the replacement it could result in leaks and loss of power which will end up causing you more problems.



Not all used vehicle parts are in the same condition. It is important to try and get some information about the history of the engine and check if they offer any sort of warranty. A quality replacement will have been cleaned, stripped and all existing components will have been checked for reliability. The likes of cylinder heads, timing chains and bearings would have been cleaned and checked to ensure they are in good working order.


Check List

If you have experience in vehicle parts you may already know what to look out for in the reconditioned engine. If you are unsure what you need to be looking for, there a few things to put on your check list. Emulsified oil can be a sign that there may be an issue with water contamination and is discovered when the oil filter is checked. A smell of burning after dipping for oil is usually a warning sign of an engine in poor condition or oil that has been sitting for a long time. Finding any of these two would warrant asking the seller for an explanation or getting an experienced mechanic to look the engine over.


Buying a reconditioned engine from a reputable car dismantler will offer that extra assurance that you are dealing with industry experts that have experience in dealing with used vehicle parts.

When you request a car part with we automatically send your request out to reputable car dismantlers all over Ireland. If any of them have a match for what you are looking for they will contact you to discuss compatibility and price.

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