DPF Ireland

DPF Ireland

For Quality DPF Sales and Convenient DPF Cleaning Look No Further Than DPF Ireland

Do you know what your DPF & engine check warning lights looks like? You really should as replacing a DPF could cost you a small fortune. There's good news though. Cleaning your DPF is a much cheaper option, and DPF Ireland have made it so easy for you.

If you've bought a diesel vehicle manufactured after 2006 then you've possibly got a DPF or diesel particulate filter fitted as standard. The DPF removes soot and poisonous gasses in the exhaust, so it helps to lower emissions. The problem is, they can become clogged up, especially if you don't do a great deal of motorway driving, as this burns off the accumulated soot.

Try cleaning before you opt for a replacement

If you've been told your DPF is blocked, you may be looking at a large bill for replacement, anything from €1000 to €4000! However, the first step should always be to have your DPF professionally cleaned as this can often fix the problem for you at a fraction of the price.

DPF Ireland use the latest technology to thoroughly clean your DPF and it's so easy, you can do it all by post! Just get your mechanic to remove the DPF, package it up, print out a postage label and send it in to DPF Ireland. It will be thoroughly cleaned and sent back to you ready for refitting within 24 hours! There's no hanging around waiting with DPF Ireland. You'll be back on the road again in no time.

If you do need a replacement, then DPF Ireland stock a wide range of new DPFs for all the main manufacturer makes and models. You can rest assured, with all their experience and expertise, you will definitely get the correct DPF for your vehicle. They also work with many local mechanics, so if you'd like them to recommend one for you to fit or remove your DPF, then give them a call.

There is little or nothing that DPF Ireland don't know about exhausts and DPFs and they've been kind enough to share their knowledge on their website. There you'll find a wealth of information from how to diagnose a DPF problem, to removing a DPF. There's also a handy DPF fault finding guide along with a list of Engine Pressure Sensor Codes. If your vehicle isn't listed, then just give them a call, they're a friendly bunch, always happy to help. They live and breathe DPFs so they'll help you to locate your Pressure Sensor Code in no time.

DPF Ireland are a great choice

Because they specialise in exhausts and DPFs, you know you're getting the benefit of this specialist expertise to solve your exact problem. And if you're having your DPF cleaned, they have the latest technologically advanced machinery that your average garage simply won't have access to. Team up this expert knowledge and high-tech equipment with a super-fast and friendly service and you can see why DPF are the first choice for DPF issues in Ireland.

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