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alfa-romeo-partsAlfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer. It was founded as ALFA ( abbreviation for, Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory), on June 24th, the year 1910, in Milan, Italy. The company’s name is basically a combination of the name ALFA (Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory), and Nicola Romeo’s last name (the entrepreneur who took control of ALFA company in the year 1915).

Alfa Romeo has been highly involved in car racing, since the year 1911. Alfa Romeo has successfully competed in many different levels and categories of motorsport, some of which include; Formula One, Grand Prix, Sportscar racing, Rallies and touring car racing.

Recent Developments; On 24th June, the year 2015, (the 105th anniversary) the Alfa Romeo company unveiled a brand new logo at a press event which was held at Alfa Romeo Museum. The colours of the logo have now been reduced to 3; the green colour of biscione, the dark blue color surrounding the ring and the red colour of the cross.

Some of the popular Alfa Romeo Models include;

-Alfa Romeo MiTo; This is a 3 door sporty super mini car which was officially launched on 19th June, the year 2008 in Milan. It was international introduced at the British Motor Show, in the same year (2008).

-Alfa Romeo Giulietta; The Giulietta is a 5 door, small family vehicle which was officially introduced at Geneva Motor Show in the year 2010.

-Alfa Romeo 4C; This is a small, light weight, 2 seater Coupe sports car. It was revealed as a concept car at 81st Geneva Motor Show in the year 2011. Its’ production version was unveiled to the UK market during the 83rd Geneva Motor Show in the year 2013.

-Alfa Romeo Giulia; This is a new generation Giulia which was unveiled at Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, on 24th June 2015, in Arese.

-The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a future model which is expected to be unveiled this year (2016).


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